CVRD and Union Bay Estates and Zoning Bylaw Review

Background (from CVRD

Union Bay Estates, formerly known as Kensington Island Properties, is a comprehensive development area within the settlement node of Union Bay (Electoral Area A – Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands). The development will have a variety of land uses including residential, commercial, institutional, recreational and resort amenities. The Union Bay Estates lands are 309 hectares (764 acres) in size.

The residential component of the development will be a maximum of 2,889 units, including carriage houses, affordable housing and secondary suites. If the developer donates additional affordable housing lots, beyond what is required, they can build up to 60 more residential lots. Further details are available within the Master Development Agreement.

Zoning Bylaw

In 2010, the subject properties were rezoned to Kensington Comprehensive Development Zone (K-CD). The K-CD zone is divided into five Comprehensive Development Areas (CDAs). Please note, as part of the ongoing zoning bylaw review, the K-CD zone will be updated to reflect amendments to the Master Development Agreement.

Still time to get some answers…

Bylaw No. 2781 applies to all three electoral areas within the CVRD

  • May 6, 2019: Union Bay Community Club and Recreation Association (3:30 – 7 pm)
  • May 16, 2019: Oyster River Fire Hall (3:30 – 7 pm)
  • May 22, 2019: CVRD Boardroom (3:30 – 7pm)

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