Union Bay Improvement District Water low pressure because….

My wife asked why the water pressure is low, after a quick check the normal pressure to my house is 85psi, today showing 35psi on my in-house water gauge.

Union Bay improvement District Water low pressure because….

A quick call to Dan McGill water superintendent and he informed me the final tie-ins to the new water treatment plant are being connected today and that Union Bay is using CVRD water connection. The pressure will remain low for most of the day.

My understanding is that there is a 2 inch pipe connection near Spindrift Rd. that connects Royston/CVRD water in case of emergency.

Emergency Response
& Contingency Plan
for UBID’s Water Source and Supply System

Contingency Plan From
UBID is connected to the Royston Water System at the north end of
Kilmarnock. This is a water source from the Village of Cumberland, Allan Lake,
with the maintenance of the distribution network being the responsibility of
the Comox Valley Regional District. An agreement to connect UBID to this
system is in place.

Bylaw No. 233 Interconnection Agreement, 2011
States that this “bylaw to authorize the execution of an agreement with CVRD”
and an agreement was signed in 2011 between UBID and the CVRD.

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