Union Bay and a sack of hammers.

Just picked up pallets from Home Depot for my project work and noticed I had a variety of hammers. Some big, some small and some unique.

My favorite one is a framing hammer, it  is typically 20-32 oz, compared with 10-16 oz for a “normal” household claw hammer. … Related to that is the much longer handle on a framing hammer. Second is the face of the head: it’s waffled to prevent slipping off the nail head, helping prevent bent nails.

Another useful hammer I have is a 5 pound brass mallet and is typically used on machinery to apply force to parts with a reduced risk of damaging them, and to avoid sparks. As these metals are softer than steel, the mallet is deformed by any excessive force, rather than any steel object it is hitting. Great for garden projects that need a little more persuasion.

Next is the ball peen hammer

A ballpeen hammer, also known as a machinist’s hammer, is a type of peening hammer used in metalworking. It has two heads, one flat and the other.

Last is the shot hammer dead blow hammer is used in many specialized areas, particularly in automotive applications, such as chassis work and hubcap installation. The hammer has a steel handle and shotfilled head covered with non-marring material that dampens rebound and won’t spark.

Some have been known to use it as a Chairman’s gavel in Union Bay

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