Union Bay Improvement District Budget Questions

While we were stringing Christmas lights my neighbour asked did Christmas come early for Union Bay Improvement District. Curious, I asked what he meant. He then went on to blurt out the 2020 Budget amounts the Administration, Water and Fire Departments. So, I decided I would go get some answers.

Union Bay Improvement District 2019 approved Budget
Union Bay Improvement District 2020 approved Budget

From another concerned Union Bay Resident,

Land owners biggest concern about the 2020 budget should be Administrative remuneration.

                             2020            2019         2018         2017        2016

Public works—151,300     138,039      89,701    67,365     66,500

Fire rescue—– 50,433         46,013       29,000     24,616    24,300

 Total               201,733        184,052     118,701     91,981    90 800

That is over a 100% increase in three years since the current administration has been in place,

In 2016 the administrator attended the office 40 hours per week as well as regularly scheduled board meetings, committee meetings, the AGM and any other meeting. An office clerk worked part time and their total remuneration was


In 2019 The UBID web site Office Hours states

Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

{Closed over lunch from 12 noon to 1:00 pm}

Closed Monday and Friday

In 2019 nobody knows how many hours the CAO works for UBID. Nobody knows what remuneration he receives or what the benefits are. 

UBID has a deputy CAO. No one knows the days or hours worked, the salary paid or the benefits.

UBID also employs a part time office clerk, no one knows the days or hours worked, the remuneration paid, or the benefits received.

The budget remuneration for 2020 is $201,733.                                                                                            

Being transparent and honest the UBID should disclose this information to landowners.

 The same information should be provided for the Public Works staff and the fire department, their budgets has increased dramatically as well.

Good afternoon Trustee Vandenberg,

I have some questions on the 2020 Budget.  The 3 admin office staff received an increase of $17,681.63 in the 2020 budget, over the 2019 budget. Who got what portion of that increase? Waterworks renumeration, went from $121,191. in 2019 to $179,415.25 in 2020 an increase of $58,224.25. Was for a new employee for the new treatment plant employee? Fire department went from $73,430. in 2019 to $119,000. in 2020. An increase of $45,570! Why?

Respectfully submitted, Paul Allard resident and Landowner

Union Bay Improvement District & Water Meter Reader Question.

Response from original posting on November 7th Union Bay Improvement District Conundrum

From Trustee Vandenberg

Hello Paul.

No new positions for water meter reader have been posted because there are none. Any permanent position even though part time would be be posted.

This was a case of a regular employee not being available, on short notice, and it seems only for a day. There is nothing in our policies or bylaws that I can find that prevent the admin from hiring a sub for a temporary job when needed and it is time sensitive. I’m not sure who the temp was but it was not a member of my family.

Sorry my response was a little slow but I have been rather busy.Hein Vandenberg

Union Bay starts to take notice of proposed sewage effluent discharge study

The CVRD is aware that Union Bay Estates is proceeding with an application for registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation (MWR) for a seasonal discharge of treated effluent to Hart Creek.

I found some past studies that will interest you. Royston/Union Bay Sewage Collection, Treatment& Discharge Study, September 2005 and CVRD South Regional Sewage Collection, Treatment and Discharge Study April 2011



Union Bay a seasonal discharge of treated effluent to Hart Creek.

This is an except from a landowner and resident of Union Bay email;

“The CVRD is aware that Union Bay Estates is proceeding with an application for registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation (MWR) for a seasonal discharge of treated effluent to Hart Creek.

The discharge of treated effluent to the environment is regulated by the Province of British Columbia under the MWR. The MWR registration process does not provide opportunity for regional district input however, First Nations referral is required as noted in the response below.

The CVRD is currently reviewing the developers proposed method of treatment and discharge for compliance with the Master Development Agreement. The MDA and information on current site activities can be found on our website at the following link: www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/projects-initiatives/past-current-projects/union-bay-estates

From another resident;

“Are you aware of this application?  Our understanding is that the provincial government banned any disposal of treated or untreated sewage into Baynes Sound.  Therefore, why would the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy entertain accepting and reviewing an application for the purpose of sewage disposal?

To put the amount into perspective the new storage water storage tank has a capacity of 1728 cubic meters.

Union Bay Improvement District new Water Storge Tank

Dear Ms. Mamoser,

I am a Landowner in Union Bay and was surprised when I received a copy of an email that Union Bay Estates, AKA Kensington Union Bay Properties final application package that will have a seasonal discharge of 1,875 cubic meters per day for eight months of the year.

The https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/projects-initiatives/past-current-projects/union-bay-estates. link does not work.My questions are ,Who is the contact for CVRD? Where can I find more information about the final application package?


Bings, Dan P ENV:EX <Dan.Bings@gov.bc.ca>
Date: Mon., Nov. 25, 2019, 12:59 p.m.
Subject: 2019-11-25 Kensington Union Bay Properties Sewage Discharge
To: >


Thank you for your email of November 4, 2019, addressed to the Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, regarding sewage in Union Bay. Minister Heyman has asked that I respond on his behalf.

The Ministry has received a final application package from Kensington Union Bay Properties GP Limited for registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation for a seasonal discharge of up to 1,875 meter cubes per day of treated municipal sewage to Hart Creek during the months of October through May with storage and reclaimed water use during the rest of the year.

The proposed discharge would serve a commercial and residential development in Union Bay subject of a Master Development Agreement with the Comox Valley Regional District. More information on the project from the regional district can be found at: https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/projects-initiatives/past-current-projects/union-bay-estates.

The Ministry’s next steps are a comprehensive review of the application for compliance with the Municipal Wastewater Regulation including review of the Environmental Impact Study, and First Nation consultation.  Questions regarding the review of this application may be directed to Melanie Mamoser at Melanie.Mamoser@gov.bc.ca.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Dan Bings

Union Bay Resident Son Celebrates Movember

Not said enough, well done son…….

My son works for the Calgary Police and is an SRO (School Recourse Officer) in two High Schools, Western Canada High School and St. Mary’s High School. He has participated in the Movember.com | Movember | Support men’s health‎ over the past 6 years and was interviewed On CTV today. We thought you would enjoy this clip.

You will need to listen to the two trailer tv adds then the interview will start, expand the screen size for a better view.


Union Bay, a nice stroll

Walk down the Main Street 19A new construction and old art…

A nice sunny day, great to get a walk in and check out the new road to the coal hills.

The following information is from; Alana Mullaly Senior Manager of Sustainability and RGS Planning and Development Services Branch Comox Valley Regional District

We have been advised by West Fraser Mills’ consulting team that the road work in the vicinity of the Jones Street intersection is in support of the remediation of the coal hills. I will have to get back to you on payment for the work (i.e. province versus West Fraser Mills) – I may not be able to get access to that information. The CVRD was not privy to the remediation negotiation between the province and West Fraser Mills. As you note, we did receive a presentation from Duncan Williams, and I don’t believe the costing was discussed.