Union Bay Improvement District Bigly Trustee Vote

Three on ballot, two running for Union Bay Improvement District board

Voters will go to the polls to choose new board member on Saturday, Nov. 23

Mike Chouinard Comox Valley Record Reporter

There might be three names on the ballot for the upcoming Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) byelection vote on Nov. 23. However, only two candidates are actually vying to fill the vacant spot on the board.

Teresa Knight filed to make sure someone would run but wanted to withdraw once she heard others were running for the vacant position. This happened past the deadline though, so her name will appear.

“I’m on the ballot,” she says.

Knight says she will consider running next year when voters go to the polls for a regular election. That leaves two others running to join the UBID board: Treasure Ducharme and Ian Munro.

Union Bay Improvment District Office https://goo.gl/maps/Ry1n1j5UGAf11F2h7

Union Bay Improvement District Returning Office and Poll Clerks Roles and duties

For each provincial electoral district, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) appoints a District Electoral Officer (DEO) and Deputy District Electoral Officer (DDEO). These officials work in their electoral district as a team to conduct provincial elections and by-elections, provincial plebiscites and referenda, and initiative votes. They ensure that the provisions of the Election Act and other relevant statutes are observed.

The DEO is the manager accountable for delivering an electoral event in their assigned electoral district. As the senior election official in their district, the DEO ensures legal compliance, administrative effectiveness, and impartiality. DEOs are accountable for the following:

Deputy returning officer (polling day) Peter Crawford

Principal Tasks

  • Makes sure the polling station opens and closes on time
  • Sets up the poll with the necessary supplies
  • Ensures that the elector provides satisfactory proof of identity and address before voting
  • Hands the ballot to the elector (or may have poll clerks) and indicates the instructions to follow
  • Ensures that candidates’ representatives follow the guidelines
  • Ensures that all partisan material is removed
  • Counts the ballots, completes the related forms and communicates the results to the local Elections Canada office
  • Returns the ballot box and related materials to the returning officer or central poll supervisor, as instructed, at the end of voting

Poll clerk (polling day)

Principal Tasks

  • Assists the deputy returning officer to set up and open the polling station
  • Assists the deputy returning officer to ensure that voting proceeds in an orderly fashion
  • Prepares forms and maintains records
  • Verifies that the elector’s name appears on the list of electors and that their information matches the ID provided
  • Keeps track of electors who voted, using forms and lists
  • Assists with counting the ballots and with completing the related forms

Union Bay residents expect a fair process without interference from sycophants or gratuitous enablers.

Trustee Candidates Treasure Ducharme and Ian Munro

Teresa Knight filed to make sure someone would run but wanted to withdraw once she heard others were running for the vacant position. This happened past the deadline though, so her name will appear.

Union Bay Improvement District location https://goo.gl/maps/DNgzN5SDini46ZmJ6

Union Bay Landowners will elect a Trustee on Saturday NOV 23rd

From Landowner and Trustee Susana Kaljur; November meeting cancelled allowing the Board to avoid giving landowners important financial information such as next years budget. Once again forcing landowners to vote “blind” on Saturday November 23. just like the April AGM was held after the April election. It is just plain wrong and unfair. This is not how a responsible, accountable and transparent government works. Another reason to covert to the CVRD we would then have staff trained in local government who know and follow legislation, understand Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy. As well, we would qualify for Infrastructure Grants and municipal financing well below the RBC rates we currently have.

From a Union Bay Landowner and Blogger

From a Union Bay Landowner and campaign manager for Ian Munro;


The campaign is in its’ final week and we are very hopeful that Ian will be elected as a UBID trustee on Saturday.  Unfortunately both Ian and I have prior commitments so there won’t be an election night gathering.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the campaign, from talking to a neighbour, to distributing flyers, to scrutineering, to putting up signs and anything else.   Everything helps and we appreciate it!

The coloured flyers were “mail-dropped” in central Union Bay  and hand-delivered everywhere else.  A version of the flyers was posted at the mail boxes early on in the campaign and replaced with a poster over the weekend.  The poster (attached) was mailed to the landowners in central Union Bay over the weekend.

Of course, this publicity came with a price: $458.63 to be exact.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated and can be made to me via cheque or cash.  I will make sure that those who incurred costs are reimbursed and hold any balance in trust for April.  

Thank you,

Susan Lang


Trustee Election Saturday Noveber 23rd

Union Bay Improvement District OFFICE https://goo.gl/maps/JXKdRUe3eXv8PuKB8

Union Bay Political Word of the Day

My neighbour was watching the American impeachment enquiry of Donald Trump and during the preamble a prognosticator uttered the word “sycophant” and wondered what it meant. So I decided to go get some answers.

From; https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/sycophantsyc·o·phant/ˈsikəˌfant,ˈsikəfənt/nounnoun: sycophant; plural noun: sycophants

  1. a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
  2. A sycophant is a person who tries to win favor from wealthy or influential people by flattering them

New words from today November 21st 2019

Politically Punk’d https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/politics/100000006837944/best-debate-one-liners.html

Punk’d is an American hidden camerapractical jokerealitytelevision program that first aired on MTV in 2003. It was created by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, with Kutcher serving as producer and host. It bears a resemblance to both the classic hidden camera show Candid Camera and to TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes, which also featured pranks on celebrities. Being “punk’d” referred to being the victim of such a prank. New episodes hosted by King Bach and DeStorm Power aired on BET.


The noun trope traditionally refers to any figure of speech in which a word or phrase conveys a meaning other than its literal sense. For instance, the phrase broken heart and the use of Wall Street to refer to the U.S. finance industry are tropes because their literal meanings are different from what we understand them to mean. In recent usage, however, trope is a catchall for any familiar thing that recurs in art, media, politics, or social interaction, even if the recurring element is not figurative. For example, one might call the bumbling husband a sitcom trope because that sort of character appears often, or one might call the phrase “do more with less” a trope because politicians say it frequently.

SCIF …..Today’s Republican excursion into protest theater in the Capitol, wherein a large number of GOP members rushed the Intelligence Committee’s Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) without first putting away their cell phones.

hear·say/ˈhirˌsā/nounnoun: hearsay

  1. information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.

gra·tu·i·tous/ɡrəˈt(y)o͞oədəs/adjectiveadjective: gratuitous

  1. 1. uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.

Now that was interesting…

Union Bay and Alberta Woodchucks

Just had a call from a neighbour and he asked if I was aware of the roadway that was recently made with some heavy machinery on the north side of McLeod Road between 5th and 6th Street. I answered explaining another neighbour said she had just walked it a few days ago.

He further stated that he was walking his dog at Hart Creek near that area and could hear trees falling one by one. So, I decided to get some answers…..

Pictures were taken today showing the south side of McLeod and the new rough road on the North side. The north side is the Union Bay Estates, AKA ( Kensington Island Properties)

The area is CDA 4 Mixed residential

https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/projects-initiatives/past-current-projects/union-bay-estates Have a call in for Alana amullaly@comoxvalleyrd.ca to ask if permits were required and will update.

My neighbour heard via the Union Bay rumor mill that it could be part of the golf course or cheaper and easier to start with houses off the contaminated coal site CDA 1,2,3. The proposed Golf course ends at Hart Creek.

From an inquisitive neighbour; found out from speaking with KIP’s security person, Lorne, that the current clearing of land north of McLeod Rd. between 5th and 6th streets is geo-etching operations.  Apparently, Union Bay Estates is attempting to determine the condition and stability of the property.  Not golf course nor housing.  Lorne said that the area is supposed to be for a park.  Doubtful, but whatever.

As far as the trees falling one by one, I surmised its probably an infestation of Alberta Woodchucks.

Words os wisdom from a neighbour; In regards to messages about the work on KIP’s property between 5th & 6th, a wise Union Bay resident provided some sound advice :  “ Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”.