Union Bay preparing for the Rainy Season

My neighbour was outside early this morning cleaning his eavestroughs. He explained the rainy season in Union Bay was about to start and wanted most of the rainwater to be diverted to the weeping tile drainage around his foundation.

I thought that was an interesting topic to just go get some answers….

How is water formed?

A water molecule is formed when two atoms of hydrogen bond covalently with an atom of oxygen. In a covalent bond electrons are shared between atoms. In water the sharing is not equal. The oxygen atom attracts the electrons more strongly than the hydrogen.This gives water an asymmetrical distribution of charge.

Rain is a whole bunch of water molucules……

Last two years, now thats a lotta rain

Time to go get some rain Gear..

Can you tell me where the Union Bay Improvement District office is? I want to vote for my Trustee Ian Munro

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