Union Bay Landowners will elect a Trustee on Saturday NOV 23rd

From Landowner and Trustee Susana Kaljur; November meeting cancelled allowing the Board to avoid giving landowners important financial information such as next years budget. Once again forcing landowners to vote “blind” on Saturday November 23. just like the April AGM was held after the April election. It is just plain wrong and unfair. This is not how a responsible, accountable and transparent government works. Another reason to covert to the CVRD we would then have staff trained in local government who know and follow legislation, understand Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy. As well, we would qualify for Infrastructure Grants and municipal financing well below the RBC rates we currently have.

From a Union Bay Landowner and Blogger

From a Union Bay Landowner and campaign manager for Ian Munro;


The campaign is in its’ final week and we are very hopeful that Ian will be elected as a UBID trustee on Saturday.  Unfortunately both Ian and I have prior commitments so there won’t be an election night gathering.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the campaign, from talking to a neighbour, to distributing flyers, to scrutineering, to putting up signs and anything else.   Everything helps and we appreciate it!

The coloured flyers were “mail-dropped” in central Union Bay  and hand-delivered everywhere else.  A version of the flyers was posted at the mail boxes early on in the campaign and replaced with a poster over the weekend.  The poster (attached) was mailed to the landowners in central Union Bay over the weekend.

Of course, this publicity came with a price: $458.63 to be exact.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated and can be made to me via cheque or cash.  I will make sure that those who incurred costs are reimbursed and hold any balance in trust for April.  

Thank you,

Susan Lang


Trustee Election Saturday Noveber 23rd

Union Bay Improvement District OFFICE https://goo.gl/maps/JXKdRUe3eXv8PuKB8

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