Union Bay Improvement District Returning Office and Poll Clerks Roles and duties

For each provincial electoral district, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) appoints a District Electoral Officer (DEO) and Deputy District Electoral Officer (DDEO). These officials work in their electoral district as a team to conduct provincial elections and by-elections, provincial plebiscites and referenda, and initiative votes. They ensure that the provisions of the Election Act and other relevant statutes are observed.

The DEO is the manager accountable for delivering an electoral event in their assigned electoral district. As the senior election official in their district, the DEO ensures legal compliance, administrative effectiveness, and impartiality. DEOs are accountable for the following:

Deputy returning officer (polling day) Peter Crawford

Principal Tasks

  • Makes sure the polling station opens and closes on time
  • Sets up the poll with the necessary supplies
  • Ensures that the elector provides satisfactory proof of identity and address before voting
  • Hands the ballot to the elector (or may have poll clerks) and indicates the instructions to follow
  • Ensures that candidates’ representatives follow the guidelines
  • Ensures that all partisan material is removed
  • Counts the ballots, completes the related forms and communicates the results to the local Elections Canada office
  • Returns the ballot box and related materials to the returning officer or central poll supervisor, as instructed, at the end of voting

Poll clerk (polling day)

Principal Tasks

  • Assists the deputy returning officer to set up and open the polling station
  • Assists the deputy returning officer to ensure that voting proceeds in an orderly fashion
  • Prepares forms and maintains records
  • Verifies that the elector’s name appears on the list of electors and that their information matches the ID provided
  • Keeps track of electors who voted, using forms and lists
  • Assists with counting the ballots and with completing the related forms

Union Bay residents expect a fair process without interference from sycophants or gratuitous enablers.

Trustee Candidates Treasure Ducharme and Ian Munro

Teresa Knight filed to make sure someone would run but wanted to withdraw once she heard others were running for the vacant position. This happened past the deadline though, so her name will appear.

Union Bay Improvement District location https://goo.gl/maps/DNgzN5SDini46ZmJ6

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