Union Bay Improvement District & Water Meter Reader Question.

Response from original posting on November 7th Union Bay Improvement District Conundrum

From Trustee Vandenberg

Hello Paul.

No new positions for water meter reader have been posted because there are none. Any permanent position even though part time would be be posted.

This was a case of a regular employee not being available, on short notice, and it seems only for a day. There is nothing in our policies or bylaws that I can find that prevent the admin from hiring a sub for a temporary job when needed and it is time sensitive. I’m not sure who the temp was but it was not a member of my family.

Sorry my response was a little slow but I have been rather busy.Hein Vandenberg

One thought on “Union Bay Improvement District & Water Meter Reader Question.

  1. When they are hiring a “sub” is that person insured/covered should they be injured? Where do they get the names of people willing to be a “sub”? It may not be Hein’s relative, but in past years Jamie Barkley (waterworks nephew) was hired for more than a day at a time without the job being available to anyone else. I have no reason to believe friends and relatives are not still receiving preferential work.


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