Union By Improvement District Potable Water 101 (cont.) part(2)

Potable Water Supply System (potable that means it’s safe to drink)

The distribution boundaries are Tsable River / Highway 19A in the south and the end of Kilmarnock in the north end. The distribution network has approximately 40 kilometers of pipeline.  A water license to extract from Langley Lake provides all the water for the system. The raw water is gravity fed to the reservoir where it is treated with chlorine gas prior to distribution.

The pipe network is 90% original asbestos cement and is approaching the
manufacturer’s pipeline expectancy.

“The ‘source to tap’ journey to achieve potable water starts within the watershed and
the source water, Langley Lake and is then transported two kilometers down a
transmission line to the McLeod road reservoir where the water is treated with a
chlorine gas and stored in an underground reservoir. Secondary reservoir: eastern end of McKay Road

From there, the water is gravity
through the system to Buckley Bay at the south end and the end of Kilmarnock
at the north end.” copied from page (8)

From Safe and Clean Water; page 6

Also from the reservoir, the 8-inch mainline (now with chlorinated water) runs east down McLeod Road via gravity. Six-inch PVC distribution lines tee off the main line along 7th, 6th and 5th streets. Below 5th street the main line is asbestos cement. At the old Island Highway (19A), the mainline runs north to Spindrift Road and south to Buckley Bay. Distribution lines are 80% asbestos cement with newer ones PVC or polyethylene. A balancing reservoir to support peak demand and fire flows for the south end of the system was built at McKay Road in the mid-1990s. It has a capacity of 65,000 Imperial gallons or about 300 m3.

Tsable River boundry in the south

Current system with 708 connections that utilizes 4 to 10 litres per second depending
on the season. (4 Litres per second= 52.7 imperial gallons per minute) (8 Litres=105.59 imperial Gallons per minute)

From Safe and Clean Water….page 5.

UBID holds Conditional Water Licences 112815 and 112817 that together authorize water storage in Langley Lake and water use for waterworks purpose along with the construction and operation of works within the boundaries of the Union Bay Improvement District. The licences cumulatively authorize the use of 178 million gallons per year at a rate not to exceed 1,828,000 gallons a day

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