Union Bay and Garage Overhead Door Safety

My neighbour was struggling with trying to open her overhead garage door, I asked if I could help. She explained with frustration, the stupid door would not open with the garage door opener and the light kept blinking on and off, so she was trying to open it manually. I’m late for an appointment and now the snow Grrrrrrr.

I remember reading, “To avoid crushing injuries, the door will stop abruptly and reverse. Unfortunately, misalignment of the garage door sensors will cause the door to behave erratically. If your door shows any of these problems, consider examining your garage door sensor for obstruction or misalignment:

  • Sudden stops and reversals
  • Flashing lights, either on the overhead part or on the sensors themselves
  • Opens but does not close”

These garage door sensors work when electricity is transformed into an infrared beam of light. This light is emitted from one side of your garage door from a sending unit that sits 4 inches up from the floor. It sends the beam of light to a receiving unit on the other side of the garage door.

I explained that I have used the Garage Door Doctor and had Daryll the technician come and tune up our two Garage doors.

Daryll from Garage Door Doctor came today and replaced the garage door safety sensors and then checked the safe operation of the door. Now where did I put those snow shovels?

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