Union Bay Feels 4.8 Earthquake Today


Seismotectonics of Offshore British Columbia-Southeastern Alaska and Vicinity

The tectonics of the Pacific margin of North America between Vancouver Island and south-central Alaska are dominated by the northwest motion of the Pacific plate with respect to the North America plate at a velocity of approximately 50 mm/yr. In the south of this mapped region, convergence between the northern extent of the Juan de Fuca plate (also known as the Explorer microplate) and North America plate dominate. North from the Explorer, Pacific, and North America plate triple junction, Pacific:North America motion is accommodated along the ~650-km-long Queen Charlotte fault system. Offshore of Haida Gwaii and to the southwest, the obliquity of the Pacific:North America plate motion vector creates a transpressional regime, and a complex mixture of strike-slip and convergent (underthrusting) tectonics. North of the Haida Gwaii islands, plate motion is roughly parallel to the plate boundary, resulting in almost pure dextral strike-slip motion along the Queen Charlotte fault. To the north, the Queen Charlotte fault splits into multiple structures, continuing offshore of southeastern Alaska as the Fairweather fault, and branching east into the Chatham Strait and Denali faults through the interior of Alaska. The plate boundary north and west of the Fairweather fault ultimately continues as the Alaska-Aleutians subduction zone, where Pacific plate lithosphere subducts beneath the North America plate at the Aleutians Trench. The transition is complex, and involves intraplate structures such as the Transition fault. The Pacific margin offshore British Columbia is one of the most active seismic zones in North America and has hosted a number of large earthquakes historically. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us60007f42/region-info

Union Bay Snow-Megatan Part 2

Whew just got cleaning the sidewalk from that snow fall whopper and started to clean a spot for the driveway garbage can when my neighbour came over and said he measured over 14 inches (35.56 cm)

Whew just got cleaning the sidewalk from that snow fall whopper and started to clean a spot for the driveway garbage can when … No I said the first night we had 18 inches before I went to bed and 24 at the front gate before we got the rain and after the rain it was 17 inches deep before I started shoveling yesterday morning at 06:00. ________________________________

Thanks for clarifying, just gotta love those neighbours

Oh my…………………..